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January 8, 2014 by allan | 1 Comment | Filed in Uncategorized

You are part of a group, big or small, going to an event or location with tons of options. In sports tournaments, the schedule/location changes constantly depending if you win or lose. How do you keep track? You have time between games, which also changes, when some want to get food, others want entertainment, some seek to relax, and anything else people want to do. How do you share activity options, game times, and coordinate group activities?

It’s not just tournaments! Its groups going to shopping malls, fairs, festivals, conventions, concerts, arenas, theme parks, or anything else where groups people go with tons of options and need a simple communications platform to coordinate the group. HQ Glue makes it simple to physically split into groups focused on different activities while sticking together. Use text, voice, video, or some combination of all of them to only your group which is having a great time in different places.